Isuzu FVZ1400

Used Isuzu FVZ1400 Service Truck
Used Isuzu FVZ1400 Service Truck
Isuzu Truck Guages
Used Isuzu FVZ1400 Service Truck
Used Isuzu FVZ1400 Service Truck
Isuzu Truck Guages

Equipment Details

Number of Units: 
Year of Make: 
Total Km's: 
6 x 4 Service Truck
Serial Number: 
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Further Details


This unit is in very Good condition
Has been very well maintained
Unit is "turn key" work ready
Total of 44,000 kms
New tyres etc.

Service module is in very good condition
Mine compliant
Is road registered (Australia)
Full Component/maintenance history available
Full compliment of pictures available

Tank 1 8,000L Diesel
Tank 2 600L Engine Oil
Tank 3 600L Hydraulic Oil
Tank 4 600L Gear Oil
Tank 5 600L Oil
Tank 6 600L Coolant
Tank 7 600L Waste Oil
Grease Pod 240kg


Grease set up – high pressure and bulk grease
All pumps are operated through air manifold
NMI fuel metering system
Hydrauflo fast filling fuel system
Hose reels located on RHF corner of module enclosed in a bunded cabinet with lockable roller door
Handrails comply with Australian Standards AS1657-1992
Module fitted with lights suitable for night servicing
Combination Lights (Stop/Tail & Indicator) plus clearance lights all LED
4 x LED work lights on service module sides
2 x LED lights in cabinets
100cfm new airman air compressor
Emergency stop for compressor
In cabin emergency stop for engine
Lockable battery isolator fitted to truck
Labels & signage supplied for tank and reel identification
2 x 9kg fire extinguishers fitted to module
Certified ROPS (Roll Over Protection System)
Self-closing gates with latches
Anti – slip treads on all access steps and top of tank
12V & 24V jump start receptacles
3 x Lockable storage containers located on left hand side
All safety signage and decals to Australia standards
All product and component are labelling for tanks and reel identification
Emergency eye wash station mounted inside driver’s door
Fuel reels - fast fill & light vehicle
In line oil and fuel filters
Tanks fitted with access lid & cam lock fittings suitable for top fill with cat breathers
Finished in 2 pack white paint
Park brake warning alarm
Reverse camera (active only whilst in reverse)
Reverse alarm
Emergency eye wash station
Wheel chocks
Wheel nut indicators
Whip aerial 1.2 m with light
Oil Spill Kit

Melbourne Australia
Closest Port: 
Distance to Port: 
Approximately 1 Hours
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